(Climate Education)

Climate change poses challenges as well as opportunities for business and finance and, broadly speaking, for the entire economy.

Three recent reports by the National Committee on Climate Choices, detail strategies to limit the magnitude of climate change, adapt to the impacts of climate change, and inform an effective response to climate change. These reports make clear how responding fully to the climate challenge will influence world economies.

Businesses will have to provide services or products with less harmful influence on the climate; respond to a changing policy, regulatory, and market environment; and provide new services and products to help address the challenges that will likely result from climate change.

Climed – Climate education is specifically designed for companies/enterprise teams and executives as a marathon training exercise for sustainable environmental development. The program aims to equip business teams and leaders with adequate and up to date information and learning on climate sustainability and how the organization can leverage on these learnings to create better organizational policies and practices which include but are not limited to investments in behavior change campaigns, renewable energy, waste management, supply chain sustainability, behavior change, and decarbonization.

Climed looks forward to contributing to the spread of eco-entrepreneurship and the mainstreaming of climate education in many private and public institutions and organizations.